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XDefiant Closed Beta Impressions: Ubisoft’s Crossover Shooter Is a Lukewarm Experience


Ubisoft’s upcoming crossover shooter XDefiant has just debuted its closed beta and gamers can now experience the unique blend of futuristic and fantasy combat for themselves. Unfortunately, first impressions of the game remain starkly lukewarm. In this article, we’ll dive into our impressions and breakdown of the game’s components and performance.

I. XDefiant: Ubisoft’s Crossover Shooter

Ubisoft excitedly announced their first crossover shooter, XDefiant, at E3 2018. This will be an online game with different weapons, characters and environments. Players can choose a team of up to four players and battle against other teams, showcase their skills and win rewards, or enlist in a story-driven campaign.

  • Weapons: Players can choose between a range of weapons, from handguns to long-range rifles, to take down the enemy.
  • Characters: Players can choose from a multitude of characters to best represent and suit their playing style.
  • Environments: The game features a range of locations, from a tropical island to a crashed spaceship.

XDefiant will use Ubisoft’s own online game platform, Uplay, to deliver a richer gaming experience. Players can earn rewards and climb up the ranks with their Uplay profile. It is expected to be released later this year on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

II. First Impressions of the Closed Beta

Playing the closed beta for the long-awaited sequel to the classic game was an incredible experience. From the start, you can tell the developers paid close attention to the details and added several meaningful improvements.

The new game mechanics are one of the most noticeable additions. Players now have access to more advanced combat techniques and strategy elements than before. Additionally, the game now has a smooth and intuitive user interface that makes it easier to access menus and manage settings.

  • Gameplay
    Combat is faster paced, and the AI enemies are much more challenging. The character animations are smoother and more detailed, helping to make the world more immersive. The map is larger, allowing for more exploration.
  • Graphics
    The graphics look amazing and have been updated to provide a more detailed experience. There are also several options to customize graphical settings, as well as textures and colors.
  • Sound
    The sound for this game is also a major improvement, with a dynamic soundtrack and detailed sound effects. Voice acting is professional-grade and perfect for setting the mood.

Overall, the closed beta for this game was a great experience and offered a lot of exciting new features and improvements. It’s definitely shaping up to be an incredible game.

III. Evaluating XDefiant’s Gameplay

XDefiant’s gameplay is highly creative, dynamic and rewarding. Players have the ability to customize their own experience, and create unique challenges. Here are some of the key elements that players can expect from XDefiant:

  • Extensive customization options: Players can build their avatars and customize their experience in the game according to their individual playing preferences.
  • Challenging levels: Players can choose from a wide range of challenging levels, ranging from easy to difficult.
  • Multiplayer support: XDefiant offers players the option to join up with other players in the game and compete in multiplayer challenges.
  • Unique combat system: XDefiant features a unique combat system that rewards players for their strategic thinking.

The game is engaging and entertaining, with plenty of rewards to reap as players progress through the levels. There are also a variety of in-game items to collect, and a wide range of items to purchase using the in-game currency. XDefiant offers a great balance between challenge and reward, making it a very enjoyable gaming experience.

IV. XDefiant – A Lukewarm Experience

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Overall, “XDefiant” is an ambitious project that suffers from a few hiccups but still provides an enjoyable and diverse experience. Although we are still in the Closed Beta, Ubisoft has done a good job in delivering an interesting and enjoyable variety of possibilities while still keeping true to its genre. While we wait to see the final product, it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft continues to update the game, develop new content, and make improvements.

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