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5 Tips To Use WhatsApp Privacy Features


Well-known texting administration WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, with north of 100 billion messages sent day by day Because of WhatsApp Privacy. Positioned as one of the most utilized informing applications, the moment courier has procured north of a billion new clients over the most recent four years.

Like other applications, WhatsApp needs to deal with the protection and security of its clients.

  • By Default, security settings are set to:
  • Permit anybody to see your last seen, profile photograph, about, and read receipts.
  • Permit each of your contacts to see your Status Updates.
  • Permit any client to add you to a Group.

These highlights can be effectively be changed through the in-application settings for both portable and Desktop adaptations of WhatsApp.

Last Seen

The Last Seen highlight permits clients to see the last time they saw messages on WhatsApp. It permits clients to choose from three unique choices: hide it from everybody, your contacts, or nobody.

To change your Last Seen security settings, you can follow these means:

  • Android: Tap the Three-dab Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen
  • iPhone: Tap Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen
  • Desktop: Tap the Three-dab Menu > Settings > Privacy > Last Seen

Read Receipts

At the point when a message is sent or gotten through WhatsApp, tick marks show up close to the message suggesting various implications:

  • Single dark tick: The message has been sent
  • Twofold dark tick: the message was effectively gotten by the beneficiary
  • Twofold blue tick: the message has been perused by the beneficiary

For bunch visits, the twofold blue marks seem when every one of the members in the gathering have effectively perused the message.

For individual messages, you can check subtleties of a message like when a message was conveyed, perused, and by whom. To actually look at the situation with a singular message:

Open a Chat

  • Tap and hold a sent message
  • Tap on the data symbol

Note that WhatsApp doesn’t permit clients to wind down read receipts for voice messages or gathering visits.

Step by step instructions to Turn Read Receipts ON or OFF

To wind down read receipts, follow these means:

  • Android: Tap the three-spot menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts
  • For an iPhone: Tap Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle the Read Receipts Button
  • Desktop: Tap the three-dab menu > Settings > Privacy > Read Receipts

Two-Step Verification for an Added Layer of WhatsApp Privacy Feature:

A discretionary component for WhatsApp for an additional layer of safety is a two-step check. Empowering the element will expect you to initially confirm your record utilizing a specially set PIN. at whatever point you might want to enlist your telephone number for a WhatsApp account.

The most effective method to Enable Two-Step Verification

  • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Tap Account > Two-Step Verification > Enable.

Enter an arbitrary six-digit PIN of your decision.

You can decide to enter your email address in the event that you might want to reset two-step check sooner or later or you can just skirt this progression.


Check and affirm your email address.


Assuming that you don’t wish to add an email address and fail to remember your PIN, it will take you 7 days before you can reset your PIN.

The most effective method to Disable Two-Step Verification

In the event that you need to incapacitate Two-Step confirmation for you:

  • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Tap Account > Two-Step Verification > Disable
  • The most effective method to Change your Two-Step Verification PIN
  • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Click Account > Two-Step Verification > Change PIN.
  • The most effective method to Change or Add Email Address
  • On the off chance that you choose to add your email address:
  • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Click on Account > Two-Step Verification > Add Email Address.

In case you wish to change your email address:

  • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Click on Account > Two-Step Verification > Change Email Address.

View Once Messages

After a new update, WhatsApp permits clients to send photographs and recordings that vanish whenever they have been opened. The most recent form of moment courier allows clients to send photographs or recordings that can’t be seen once more, sent, saved, shared, or featured.

View Once messages terminate following 14 days of being sent, if not opened by the beneficiary.

For View Once messages, you can possibly see in case the collector has opened the photograph or video on the off chance that they have perused receipts turned on. For such messages, it is as yet feasible for someone else to take screen captures or screen record the material OR snap a picture or record from another gadget.

Beneficiaries can report View Once media, in which case the media is given to WhatsApp to additional examination.

Step by step instructions to Send a View Once Message

To send a photograph or video that must be seen once:

Open an individual or gathering visit.

Click the + symbol on the base left.

Select Photo and Video Library.

Tap on the photograph or video that you might want to send.

At the base right, tap on the symbol, which becomes blue when chosen.

Screen Lock and Fingerprint Lock

Another extra security highlight accessible for WhatsApp is to empower Touch ID or Face ID for opening the application.

The Screen Lock or Fingerprint lock adds an additional a layer of safety to the application, while as yet permitting you to answer to messages from the warning community or get and answer calls while WhatsApp Privacy is locked.

Step by step instructions to Enable Screen Lock

To empower Touch ID or Face ID on WhatsApp, authorizations should be conceded by:

  • Open WhatsApp Privacy settings.
    • Tap Account > Privacy > Screen Lock.

You can also turn on the Required Touch ID or Required Face ID include.

Select the time before Touch ID or Face ID is empowered.

Instructions to Enable Fingerprint Lock

On select cell phones, Touch ID works as old as Locks. When empowered, you should utilize your unique finger impression for admittance to the application.

To empower Fingerprint Lock:

Open WhatsApp.

Tap More Options.

  • Tap Settings > Account > Privacy.
    • Turn on Unlock with Fingerprint.

Affirm your finger impression by addressing the unique finger impression sensor.

You can tap to choose the occasions before finger impression confirmation is incited.

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