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WhatsApp Introduces Animated Emojis in Latest Beta Version


A new animated emoji feature for WhatsApp has reportedly been spotted in the latest beta. According to a recent report, the feature is still in development and could provide users with a fun new way to add some style to their messaging conversations. If the feature is rolled out, it could be a welcome addition to the current range of WhatsApp messaging options.

1. WhatsApp Introducing Animated Emojis on Latest Beta App

WhatsApp has recently released a new beta version of its app that introduces animated emojis. With this new version, users can express themselves better on conversations with animated emojis. There are some highlights of this new version:

  • Variety of Possibilities: The new version features a wide range of animated emojis which enables users to choose the perfect emoji to express their emotions.
  • Accurate Emoji Expressions: Thanks to the new animated emojis, users can portray their current emotions more accurately on conversations.
  • Better Animations: The emojis in this new version comes with better animation quality which makes them more vivid and more eye-catching.

All these new features of the latest beta version of WhatsApp will surely make conversations more enjoyable and engaging. So if you are a fan of WhatsApp, this update is surely something to look forward to.

2. New Feature Heralds Novel Way for Users to Express Themselves

Revel in possibilities. We are delighted to announce a revolutionary new feature that allows users to better express themselves with our app. To customize their stories, we now offer over 100 new fonts, sizes, and colours to choose from. No more need to settle for the same old boring options, users can have an entirely new level of creative control.

Be more articulate. With our new feature, users can enrich their stories with custom backgrounds, frames and captions for a truly unique look and feel. Whether you are looking to add a serious touch or a jocular attitude, there is no better way to tell your story than with our app. For users seeking a true change of pace, nothing beats our new feature.

  • 100 fonts, sizes, and colours to choose from
  • Custom backgrounds, frames, and captions
  • Truly unique look and feel
  • Serious and jocular options

3. Emoji Monitoring Reports Increase in Animated Emojis on Whatsapp Beta

According to recent reports, the use of animated emojis is on the rise amongst Whatsapp Beta users. Consequently, developers have been focusing on monitoring and improving the usage for even better results.

Emoji monitoring reports reveal that users have been replacing texts and words with animated emojis. For instance, users have started using animated emojis for chats, stories and voice messages with their friends or colleagues.

  • Animated emojis are easier to use than words as they are available in a single click
  • The feedback collected has positively impacted the user experience
  • The demand of animated emojis is on the rise

With the increased demand, developers have started giving even more emphasis on the user experience, ensuring that users receive the best results. Whatsapp Beta is actively seeking feedback from the users in order to improve their experience even more.

4. How to Access the Animated Emoji Feature on WhatsApp Beta

Enabling the Animated Emojis Feature

To make use of the animated emoji feature on the WhatsApp Beta, you must first ensure that you are on the latest version of the app. Updating to the latest version is simple, just open your app store and check for updates. If a new version is available, just tap the “Update” button to get the latest version. You should then see an added emoji icon at the bottom of your chat window.

Using Animated Emojis

  • Tap the Emoji icon to open your emojis wheel
  • Here, you will be able to choose from new, lively emojis
  • When you select one, you will find creative animations appearing
  • You can now insert the animated emojis into your messages

Be sure to share the new interactive emojis with friends and family to make your conversations on WhatsApp Beta more enjoyable!

It looks like WhatsApp is rolling out new animated emoji features in its latest beta versions, and these could be a great way to bring more expression and emotion to your chats. Be sure to keep an eye on the official WhatsApp beta channels for more updates on the feature, or continue to keep up with the latest news here at us.

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