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6 Reasons Why Social Media Reviews Are Important


Access to the internet has revolutionized the way people purchase nearly everything nowadays.

It’s unusual to make a purchasing choice without reading many internet reviews, be it for purchasing clothing or footwear. Currently, 90 percent of consumers read at least one internet review before visiting a store.

More crucially, 94 percent of internet buyers said a poor review influenced their decision not to visit a business.

This implies that having a great online presence, regardless of your business, has numerous essential benefits, which is why it’s becoming such an important aspect of branding.

Understanding why you need online reviews can assist you in improving your client experience and establishing a great online presence. 

You can leverage a social media aggregation tool to collect social reviews from various platforms and embed them into your website. It will help you attain all the aforementioned benefits and give a pleasing look to your website too! 

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Let us know about the six reasons why brands need to leverage social reviews for growing their business. 

Here’s Why Brands Need To Leverage Social Reviews 

  • Positive reviews give you a trustworthy appearance

A constant stream of favorable social reviews may help your business gain tremendous trust and reputation.

The importance of reviews in establishing your company’s online persona is one of the most intriguing discoveries of recent times.

Many customers are wary of companies with ratings below (or even above) four stars. This allows a tiny margin of error at the top, but organizations with higher average ratings are far more likely to receive traffic and revenue conversions.

  • They’re Getting More Important in Decision Making

A proactively nurtured brand is one that promotes your online presence, which nowadays involves encouraging people to talk about you in a variety of ways. While social networking is a valuable tool, the opportunity for consumers to comment about you on other platforms is as essential.

Almost two-thirds of customers believe that internet reviews are critical in making purchasing decisions. They’re more inclined to consult platforms like Google, Yelp, and Airbnb for recommendations than they are to consult a newspaper or even their friends and relatives.

  • Social media reviews can be trusted

Customer are more likely to trust internet reviews than personal recommendations.

Customers trust individuals who review your business even if they don’t know them. Customers can tell whether someone is actively chatting about your brand on Facebook, for example, and if it’s a genuine person.

If it’s appropriate for your business, requesting customers to submit a photo of their purchase may strengthen your brand’s legitimacy even further.

  • They increase your visibility

Think about this. You are a footwear brand and looking for various means to increase your visibility. Your customer’s voice can be the perfect medium to help you attain this. 

If a prospect is looking for a good footwear brand, they would automatically search for brands on platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. This is when they will come across your brand’s customer-generated content. After the prospects are convinced by your customer’s testimonials, there is a high chance that they speak or spread the word about your brand.  This, in return, will help in increasing the visibility of your brand. 

  • They have an impact on sales

The voice of your customers may have a direct impact on your sales and conversions. Sales are a result of many factors including gaining the trust of your potential customers. 

When you achieve the aforementioned benefits, your customers will be more likely to make a purchase from your brand. The logic here is that first-time customers are very apprehensive while switching to a brand they are unaware of and when they see other customers praising the brand, they might be compelled to go ahead and make a purchase. The more the purchases, the more will be the increase in sales. 

  • Helps in better brand user relationship 

Lastly, social reviews play a major role in helping brands understand the expectations of their customers. 

This happens since reviews help brands get insights into the experience of their customers. Moreover, it helps them analyze the departments that need improvement. Once the customers feel heard, they will feel the need to interact with the brand more openly across platforms. In return, it helps in better relationship building with the customers. 

Final Thoughts 

Positive social reviews are like the new weapon in every marketer’s marketing arsenal.  If you are a brand and have many customers vouching for your product or service, then it’s time you leverage them by putting them across marketing touchpoints including your brand website. 

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