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The Important Role of Electricity in our Life.


The study of electricity is in progress by 19 to 20th century. This period is characterize by the establishment of the basic foundations of power engineering. In modern society, energy supply occupies an important position in everyday life: household issues (electric stoves, washing machines, irons, hoods), information technology (computers, the Internet, mobile phones), communication between cities (transport and communications), etc. The use of appropriate equipment in the agricultural sector requires the supply of high-quality energy, the successful operation of all departments in government structures, the provision of military structures and equipment for refueling.

Why is electricity important:

Electric is one of the most important benefits that science has given to humanity. It has also become a part of modern life, and it is impossible to imagine the world without it. There are many uses for electricity in our daily lives. It is use to light rooms, running fans, and household appliances such as electric stoves, air conditioners, etc. It calms everyone down. Large machines in factories run on electricity. Basic items such as food, cloth, paper, and much more are power generation. Modern devices such as computers and robots are also made of electricity. It plays a key role in medicine and surgery such as X-rays, ECG. Electric consumption is increasing day by day. The most important centers for electricity use are hospitals and medical facilities, as well as research buildings, where power shortages will affect the production of life-sustaining products.

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