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Oppo Rollable Phone Spotted on Patent Site; Invisible Camera Design Hinted: Report


This week, a patent filing on a new, concept foldable device was revealed, and it appears that Chinese electronics company Oppo may be behind the revolutionary phone. Sources indicate that the Oppo Rollable Phone was spotted on a patent site, and the exciting new “invisible camera design” is imparting much excitement from the fast-growing, mobile technology community. It looks like Oppo could be on the verge of creating the foldable phone of our dreams.

1. Oppo Rollable Phone Spotted on Patent Site

The Oppo Rollable Phone is an intriguing concept that has recently been spotted on a patent site. This special phone is capable of expanding its display size by rolling outwards when the user needs a larger screen.

This concept lends itself to many clever uses:

  • Switch between Screen Sizes – select the size that fits your need, whether you’re using your phone to watch movies or simply browsing the web.
  • Great Portability and Mobility – carry your phone around, and quickly roll out the display when you need to use it.
  • Minimal Wear and Tear on Battery – you can use the screen at the size best suited to saving power.

The patent site notes that the design utilizes a flexible, rollable display attached to two motors inside of the phone, and that this concept can be applied to folding phones as well. The Oppo Rollable Phone concept is certainly an interesting one, and it could bring us one step closer to a seamless, portable phone experience.

2. Invisible Camera Design Hinted: Details Revealed

In the recently held Mobile World Congress, details around the upcoming invisible camera technology design were revealed. The design, which was much talked about in the tech community, was hinted by a well-known giant in the industry.

The invisible camera design is a revolutionary technology, which is seen to reduce the visual clutter of devices with multiple cameras. This will be integrated on to devices as a single thin-film sensor that would also require several complex algorithms and processing techniques to record the images and videos. It will also require the need for transparent coverings for the lenses and a variety of other added components to make the cameras invisible.

  • The thin-film sensor integrated into the device will measure only 0.02mm thick
  • The device would need multiple complex algorithms and processing techniques to record images and videos
  • It would be supported by transparent coverings for the lenses
  • Development of other components to make the cameras invisible

The technology is believed to arrive in the market soon, with other giants in the industry actively working on the development process.

3. Key Specifications and Features of Oppo’s Revolutionary Phone

Display: Oppo’s phone sports a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and a staggering 20:9 aspect ratio, ensuring an immersive visual experience for all users. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Octa-core processor running under the hood grants the phone a smooth and lag-free performance.

Hardware & Software: The phone runs on ColorOS 7.1 software, which is based on Android 10 and is enriched with Oppo’s exclusive features. Oppo has managed to pack a decent 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage into this sleek device. Other features such as a 48MP triple camera array, a battery backup of up to 3300 mAh, an in-display fingerprint scanner, a Type-C USB port, and Super VOOC Flash Charge 2.0 make this phone a complete package.

  • 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and a 20:9 aspect ratio
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Octa-core processor
  • Runs on ColorOS 7.1 based on Android 10
  • 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage
  • 48MP Triple Camera Array
  • Battery with 3300 mAh capacity
  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Type-C USB port
  • Super VOOC Flash Charge 2.0

4. What Lies Ahead for Rollable Smartphones?

Rollable smartphones have already been featured in countless phones over the last couple of years, but the technology is just getting started. The possibilities for what can be achieved with rollable phones are nearly endless, and here are some potential future applications of this technology.

Create Sleek Designs

  • Consumers will be able to enjoy ultra thin, pocketable phones without compromising on display size.
  • Manufacturers will have more flexibility in creating impactful designs.
  • The sleek form factor won’t come at the expense of durability, as the flexible OLED display will be encased in a solid frame.

Improve Battery Life

  • Rollable phones will be able to conserve more power than traditional, rigid designs because of their improved efficiency.
  • Their low profile form factor will lead to reduced heat dissipation.
  • The use of flexible batteries will allow for more efficient use of space.

As the technology continues to advance, expect to see more innovative features integrated into rollable smartphones. Their potential application in a wide range of industries makes them appealing to consumers and manufacturers alike – it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this innovative technology.

The Oppo rollable phone may still be in the concept stage, but if the patent images are anything to go by, it seems like something to look forward to. What’s unclear, however, is when this new Oppo phone will hit the market — for now, it remains a mystery but one that’s sure to be solved sooner rather than later.

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