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The Oppo N Series Has Again Come With Rotating Cameras


A new rumor circulating on Chinese social media says that Oppo may bring back a line of premium N series smartphones. Oppo’s online lineup consists of older 2013 Android phones. The Oppo N1 was a popular rotating camera device and the first phone to officially download CyanogenMod.

The N1 was followed by the N3 in 2014, but as soon as another Oppo series of smartphones became popular, the N line was eventually shut down. Nonetheless, the digital chat station has reason to accept that the N series is returning.

His leak was verified by Arsenal on Weibo and shared many more details on the device. He claims that the new N series could vary within the premium section with a value of CNY 4,000 ($618). It will be placed between Oppo’s Advanced Notes X series and its mid-range Reno series.

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But the digital chat station has a link with the company. Most companies share information with a digital chat station before releasing a product, so that the digital chat station can share information about an upcoming product with the user. It is very possible that the news is true.

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