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Opera Browser for iOS Gets Free Inbuilt VPN, Allows Users to Browse Web Privately


Good news for iOS users! Opera browser has recently enabled a free inbuilt Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature on its iOS app, allowing users to browse the web securely and privately. The new offering is a cutting-edge option designed to protect the privacy of their customers across all their devices. With this feature, users can prevent their online activity from being tracked, thus creating a more secure experience for them.

I. Introduction to Opera Browser for iOS

Opera is one of the most popular web browsers available for iOS devices, and provides users with an easy-to-use and secure browsing experience. It has a streamlined design and features that make navigating the web simple and fast. Here are some of the features that make Opera for iOS worth downloading:

  • Speed dial: Quickly access your favorite websites with pre-populated thumbnails in a single tab.
  • Private browsing: Keep your online activity and browsing history private with private tabs that are accessible with a single tap.
  • Video compression: Speed up and save bandwidth on long-distance video calls with full-service video compression and optimization.
  • Ad-blocking: Block intrusive ads and save valuable device space with Opera’s streamlined mobile experience.

Opera also has a few other features that make it stand out from other browsers. For instance, it has a customized navigation bar with one-tap access to settings, downloads, and bookmarks. It also has a built-in password manager and encrypted connections for added security. In addition, its data-saver feature helps to reduce data usage when browsing, allowing users to browse faster and conserve their data plan.

II. Features of Opera Browser for iOS

Visual Search
Opera Browser for iOS comes with a powerful Visual Search that allows users to search using images captured from their camera or sourced from their photo library. Visual Search quickly identifies popular topics and categorizes the most relevant results to show the user what they need to know.

Speed Dial
Speed Dial makes it quick and easy to get to your favorite websites. You can customize the look and feel of your home page by choosing from a range of wallpaper images, or you can choose to make your own. Speed Dial also provides easy access to content from the web, including news and sports, so that you can quickly find the content you need.

  • Sync across devices
  • Personalized newsfeed
  • Private browsing mode
  • Ad blocking feature

Opera Browser for iOS also allows you to sync across devices, so that you can have the same experience on your laptop, computer, and mobile phone. It also allows you to personalize your newsfeed, so that you are only receiving the news and updates that matter to you. The browser also comes with a private browsing mode and an ad blocking feature, which helps keep your browsing activity secure and private.

III. Benefits of Free Inbuilt VPN for iOS Users

When talking about the benefits of free VPNs for iOS users, the primary benefit that comes to mind is privacy. Free VPN services encrypt your internet traffic, allowing you to experience a secure, private web experience even when you are connected to unsecured networks. This protects you from data theft and provides an overall positive experience when browsing online.

Free VPNs also provide better access to geo-restricted content. These services can bypass firewalls and other internet censorship structures so that you can access your favorite websites and services, regardless of your location or current IP address. Additionally, many offer bandwidth, speed and server locations with all their features, meaning iOS users can stream content without any hassles.

  • Encrypts data and protects users from data theft
  • Provide better access to geo-restricted content
  • No bandwidth, speed or server limitations

IV. How to Start Using Private Browsing on Opera Browser for iOS

Enabling Private Browsing in your iOS Device:

To start using the private browsing feature in opera for your iOS device, you will need to access the settings tab of your browser. There, you will find the option of private browsing indicated by a switch in the shape of a toggle. This switch must be toggled in order to activate the feature. Copying or auto-filling information will be disabled while the private browsing mode is enabled.

Creating Separate Private Tabs:

  • To open a separate private tab in the opera for iOS, you must first ensure that the private browsing setting is activated and enabled.
  • Then, click on the ‘+’ icon and from the list of options given, select the ‘Private Tab’ option.
  • A new window will then open and you can start using opera in private browsing mode.
  • Remember, however, only the current window and tabs will be in private mode.

If you want to stay secure online, the new Opera Browser for iOS with its inbuilt VPN feature is a great way to ensure your privacy. No longer do you need to pay for a proxy or supplemental VPN service – Opera has you covered. Try out Opera today and experience the benefits of secure internet browsing!

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