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Classic Mac Game ‘MYST’ New Version Is Now Available with M1 Mac Optimization.


The Cyan team releases a recently considered version of its adventure game Myst. It releases in 1993, which remembers new takes for the visual in each space in the game.

It runs locally on the M1 Macs also takes advantage of Metal 2.1 and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to accomplish half more execution without compromising quality.

This outcome significantly further developed displaying, surfaces, and dynamic lighting impacts. Best of all, the new 24-inch M1 iMac can run Myst at a 4K goal while producing zero commotion.

This is what Myst story is about:

Welcome to Myst Game: a distinctly lovely island frightfully touched with secret and covered in interest.

Excursion to Myst Island and other dazzling, long lethargic areas – called “Ages”. Also, start to unwind the secret you have been push into. As you realize what occurs on the island. You will find that you are assuming a critical part in a legendary tale whose finishing has not yet been compose. Investigate further associations in these shocking and dreamlike Ages, uncover an account of merciless family disloyalty. Settle on decisions that will influence both you and the universe of Myst itself.

Following Macs will support by Myst:

  • Since 2018, All MacBook Pro releases.
  • Since 2019, All iMac releases.
  • Since 2017, All iMac Pro releases.
  • Since 2018, All MacBook Air releases.
  • Since 2019, All Mac Pro releases.
  • Since 2018, All Mac Minis releases.

This game will also be available on PC and all others variants.

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