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JioCinema to Charge Subscription Fee After IPL 2023, Will Add Over 100 Films and Web Series to Platform


Good news, everyone! JioCinema, the popular web and mobile streaming platform, announces that it will start charging a minimal subscription fee after the successful completion of IPL 2023. This upgrade will also include dozens of films and web series to its already stellar catalog of entertainment content. This move is likely to bring in more revenue for the Indian mobile operator, Reliance Jio and others in the streaming industry.

1. JioCinema to Introduce Subscription Model

Premium Content

JioCinema is introducing a new subscription-based model to help users get access to a larger selection of content. With the premium membership, users can enjoy a variety of content like

  • Exclusive Hollywood and regional movies
  • Recently released Bollywood movies
  • TV shows, web series and short films
  • Original JioCinema shows

The premium membership will save users time and money by allowing them to stream the content they want anytime and anywhere.

Ad-Free Viewing

In addition to the premium content, users can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience and have access to download content for offline viewing. They will also be able to create a list of their favourite movies, shows and more for quick viewing. With no ads to contend with, movies and shows will play uninterrupted and without disruption.
The subscription-based model is the first of its kind for JioCinema and it will be available for a reasonable price. It’s time you get your money’s worth and start streaming the latest content!

2. Over 100 Films and Web Series to be Added

We have secured digital access to over 100 international feature films, documentaries and web series, with titles spanning a range of genres and interests. These titles will be added gradually over the next few months and integrated into our movie library.

The selection of titles is vast and includes award-winning blockbusters as well as unique indie favorites. Highlights include:

  • La La Land, the 2016 Academy Award winning musical film
  • The Handmaiden, an award-winning South Korean drama
  • Mr. Robot, an Emmy Award-winning psychological thriller web series
  • Audrie & Daisy, a Netflix Original documentary about sexual explotation.

3. IPL 2023 to Mark Grand Launch

Different Motives to Launch IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League is all set for a grand launch in 2023, that’s for sure. With different teams and players joining, this edition promises the richest cricketing season ever. Fans will have their spirits lifted with players from different countries and a chance to watch some of the world’s best talent. From a brand new tournament format to lucrative sponsorships, the IPL is sure to be a fan favourite.

Amplified Glamour and Intensity

IPL 2023 will enhance the glamour and intensity of the tournament with a wide range of new changes and additions. The cricketers involved are set to further benefit from the increased prize money and lucrative sponsorships. The staging will be of international level and the spectators can look forward to an improved mix of entertainment and technology. To add to these, new opportunities will be opened up to get involved with the games and different countries are likely to have live telecasts from the tournament.

  • Increased prize money and lucrative sponsorships
  • International level staging.
  • Improved mix of entertainment and technology
  • New opportunities to get involved with the games
  • Live telecasts from different countries

4. More Variety, Less Hassle for Cinema Lovers

Cinema lovers everywhere now have more choices than ever before to watch movies. Variety is abundant, with both digital streaming services and physical rental stores offering a wide selection of genres, films, and series for viewing. With so many options, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

These services provide a much simpler way of watching films than the traditional theater experience. Renters can browse the library of a streaming platform or rental store, set their own rental times, and receive the movie they chose without ever having to leave the house. Plus, most digital streaming services offer unlimited streaming so you can explore as much as you’d like and never spend more than you intended. This gives cinema lovers more variety than ever before, with less hassle.

Without a doubt, the introduction of JioCinema’s subscription fee and the addition of new films and web series to its platform will give users more access to a wide range of entertainment options and help bridge the gap between conventional and OTT content consumption. Indeed, India’s entertainment industry is changing, and JioCinema’s subscription plan is sure to be a part of the future of streaming content in the country.

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