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Intel is the best CPU For Gaming Pc.


Intel is the best Performance CPU For Gaming. The Intel CPU price is higher than another CPU because intel increases demand in the market. Everyone prefers to buy an Intel CPU. After intel best gaming CPU is AMD.

Two best Intel gaming CPU:

  • Intel’s new i7-8700k can process instructions faster than its predecessor, the i7-7700k. The instruction set is more advanced and thus, has a higher demand for power. The i7-8700k is Intel’s newest processor in the 8th generation of their CPU. It is consider an upgrade to the previous generation (i7-7700k) and it features a higher frequency rate of 3.7Ghz. The most notable difference between this processor and its predecessor is that it uses a new instruction set which provides an increased performance for those who need it most while still being able to maintain usability for those with less demanding needs.
  • The Intel i5-8600K is a CPU that was launch in 2017. It is an 8th generation processor and comes with a 3.60GHz base frequency, six cores, and thirteen threads. The Intel i5-8600K is a great choice for budget gamers who want to play at 1080p without any frame rate issues. This CPU will be able to handle most games at medium settings without any lag or stuttering. It also has overclocking potential for higher frame rates, but this will require a good motherboard and cooling fan for optimal performance.
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