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Intel Introduce a new Gaming GPU called Intel Arc


Intel is ready to strengthen its position in the gaming market by introducing a new gaming GPU called the Intel Arc. The new Arc brand says it to cover both the hardware and software of Intel’s high-performance single GPUs. Unveiling the brand on Monday, the base company said Intel Arc Hardware will span several generations, and the brand will include high-performance graphics software and services. The product will target gamers and content creators.

This first generation of intel Arc GPU, code-named Alchemist, will be available for both CPU and laptops in early 2022. This is a clear signal to both AMD and Nvidia that they have a new challenger ahead of them. Now up to, there is not much detail about the performance of Alchemist GPUs. Intel graphic company shows a small demonstration as to what the Arc Alchemist GPU is. You can watch the graphic intel tweet video.

The forthcoming Intel’s Arc GPU will uphold video scaling and, above all, real-time ray tracing. In addition, it will support AI-speed supersampling to compete with Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) supersampling. It looks like the most exciting technological breakthrough in the gaming industry will be with Intel, which has two amazing things for us. Intel has uncovered that there are three codenames for its Arc GPUs, Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid, further detail coming later.

According to Roger Chandler the head of graphic intel: “The launch of the Intel’s Arc brand and the arrival of future hardware generations represent Intel’s deep and unwavering commitment to gamers and developers around the world. We have teams that will be Doing incredible work to provide the best user-friendly experience. Intel’s Arc product will be reveal early next year”.

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