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How to Rotate Windows Screen on Computer Guide 2022


Rotate your screen in either direction before pressing the Enter button. This can be useful if you are having trouble seeing what’s happening on your Windows 7 PC. Flip your screen vertically, then press the Enter button and keep tapping the right arrow until you reach the top of the screen. You should now have a blank screen where your desktop was before. In this article you’re wondering how to rotate the screen on Windows computer, the cycle is genuinely basic also. If you want to learn about how to take screenshot in laptop then click this link.

How to Rotate Screen On Windows Computer

  • Rotating screen helps prevent build-up of dust and dirt on your computer’s monitor, especially if you use a laptop. By keeping your screens clean and free from accumulated dust and debris, your eyes can focus better and you’ll have fewer headaches. If you often find yourself typing away at your keyboard and having to look down at the screen, then make sure to rotate your laptop’s screen once in awhile. This will help prevent eye strain.
  • Sleeping without a cover over your head can lead to skin problems. A good sleep mask can provide additional protection against these potential issues. Also consider getting a pillow that provides neck support when you sleep.
  •  Dust tends to collect around keyboards, making them harder to operate. Always keep a cleaning cloth handy to wipe off any dust.

How to Flip screen on windows computer

  • Flip screen on windows computer is a well-known feature that allows the user to view multiple windows at once. There are many different ways to use flip screens but the most common way to use them is to hold down the CTRL (Control) + ALT keys while using either the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.
  • The start menu is a collection of programs that can be used to launch applications or open files. The start menu is generally located on the bottom left side of your desktop. You access the start menu through the control panel.
  • The taskbar is a bar that runs along the bottom of your desktop. When you click on the icon of a program, window, or document, it opens in its own window. This makes it easy to switch between different tasks without having to switch windows.

How you can rotate your screen in Windows 10?

  • Click Start button in your desktop and, type in search bar “Control Panel”, then click “System & Security”.
  • Click “System Properties”
  • Click “Advanced System Settings”
  • Click “Settings” button under “Performance”, scroll down to find “Startup and Recovery”.
  • Close all programs and open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), choose “Services” tab, and stop all unnecessary services. You can use the service manager from Control Panel to do this.

How you can Rotate your Computer Screen with Graphic Options.

1. Rotate screen vertically

 This option is easy to turn on and off if your computer has a vertical screen. This option will allow you to rotate the whole screen vertically via dragging the cursor (or arrow) down.

 2. Rotate the screen horizontally

 This option is not that simple but still fairly easy to do. First, click on the desktop icon then move the cursor to the right or left side of the monitor until you see the edge of the screen. After you have rotated the screen horizontally, you can drag the cursor across the top or bottom edge of the screen to adjust the rotation. If you are using a horizontal screen, this rotation may be difficult to pull off. The best way to perform this task is to first use the mouse to find the top-left corner of your screen, then rotate the cursor clockwise until you get to the point where you want to end the rotation. Then hold the button in place until the screen stops rotating. To return to the original position, simply reverse the steps.

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