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Harry Potter Set to Return as a TV Series: Latest News and Updates


It seems that the front page of the Daily Prophet will no longer be the only source of news concerning the beloved world of Harry Potter. Fans of the wizarding world received a major announcement today: a brand new TV series has been greenlit by a major network, with J.K Rowling serving as executive producer. With a staggering seven-season order already in place, this new series promises to bring the beloved boy wizard to fans across the world in a comprehensive and exciting way.

1. Harry Potter Set to Return as a TV Series

Potterheads rejoice! Fans of the pop culture phenomenon can look forward to the announcement that an original series based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe will soon be heading to screen. Multiple rumors have suggested that such a project was in the works at HBO Max, and the news was finally confirmed in late October 2020.

The series will be made in collaboration between Warner Bros. Television and HBO Max and will be set in the wizardry world of Harry Potter. Reports have suggested that it will showcase different aspects of the wizarding world, which implies a story separate from the original books and films. It’ll also feature a cast of both new and familiar faces – allowing old and new fans alike to enjoy the world of magic.

  • Release Date: Not yet announced.
  • Platform: HBO Max.
  • Crew: John Howard and Steve Kloves.

2. JK Rowling to Executive-Produce the Seven-Season Order

JK Rowling will be executive-producing the upcoming seven-season order of the well renowned TV series, Strike. The series is based on her famous book series, “Cormoran Strike” and has been praised by viewers and critics alike. Rowling will not only executive-produce the series, but she will also create the story arcs that drive Season One and the seven-season trajectory.

The series will star Tom Burke as the eponymous private investigator and Holliday Grainger as his partner and assistant, Robin Ellacott. Rowling has written the screenplays for the first two episodes of the series, which will air on BBC One and BBC America. Rowan said,

  • “I’m so excited to have Tom and Holliday embody Strike and Robin. I can’t wait for audiences to see them in action.”
  • “It’s a real thrill to see it come to life on screen and to have the BBC alongside Bron and the team at Warner Bros. bringing it to an audience of millions across the globe.”

3. Production and Filming Details for Harry Potter TV Series

For the Harry Potter series, production is expected to begin in 2021 with eight total episodes. The series will be shot at Warner Brothers’ Studios Leavesden in Hertfordshire, England, the same place used to film the original movies. The show will come with a hefty price tag as well, with estimates ranging from $500 million to $1 billion.

The show features a cast of both new and returning characters. According to Variety, the show has signed on Oscar-nominated director JJ Abrams to direct the first episode. Filming is expected to span over locations in Scotland and England, as many of the original films were shot there. Specific filming dates have not been disclosed yet but with the production start in 2021, more details are sure to come.

  • Production to begin in 2021
  • Eight total episodes
  • Shot at Warner Brothers’ Studios Leavesden in Hertfordshire, England
  • Price tag estimated from $500 million to $1 billion
  • JJ Abrams to direct the first episode
  • Filming to span over locations in Scotland and England

4. How Fans Are Reacting to the Harry Potter TV Series News

The news about the Harry Potter series has sparked excitement among fans all over the world. Since the news was released, thousands of fan reactions on social media have hit the internet. Many have posted online expressing their enthusiasm and approval of the development.

  • Magazines, websites and platforms such as Twitter have been filled with posts from fans declaring their delight.
  • Hashtags such as #HarryPotterSeries and #PotterOnTV have become widely used keywords.
  • Fans have been creating art, photos and videos to share with the world their excitement over the new series.

Fans have been speculating about what the series will adapt and how it will do. Although there is some debate about details, most fans seem positive about it with many hoping for a deeper connection to characters, places and creatures from the Potter-verse.

With this news, the joy of Harry Potter’s fans will only continue to grow. This highly-anticipated series promises to bring the beloved franchise to a whole new level. The realm of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s incredible imagination will be explored deeper than ever before, as we follow Harry and his friends through their iconic adventures. We can’t wait to see what magic awaits us in this captivating new series.

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