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How to write a Good Blog Post?


4 Steps Every Person Needs to Follow to Write a Good Blog Post

If you are here, you already know about blogging. But you don’t know how to write a good blog post. Wish to create such a blog post that millions will love to read?

Here are the four steps every person needs to follow to write a good blog post.

1. Think of A Catchy Headline

The mistake which most bloggers make is writing a blog before the title. Without a headline, they don’t know what to write. So the blog does not address, what it was supposed to. If you want to write an awesome blog post, construct a catchy headline.

Follow these rules to write a catchy headline.

  • Use Numbers

Headlines that start with numbers attract viewers. There are 40% chances of getting clicked

  • Put curiosity

Adding such an element in your title that makes readers curious is important. They are compelled to click it.

2. A Mesmerizing Introduction

You have attracted readers with your headline. Well, the job isn’t over, you need to keep them. The tough part starts now, my friend. 10% of people never scroll down. 

Follow these rules to construct an introduction that mesmerizes your readers.

  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and write according to their point of view. Make them realize that you understand what they are facing.

Your reader is depressed and needs motivation. Start with a motivational quotation that encourages them to read further.

  • Pinpointing a problem your readers may have

If you start your introduction with a pinpoint, that’s good. Everybody has queries. Tell readers you know and want to answer them.

3. Writing what readers can easily understand

You made readers click on your title, you urged them to scroll and now it’s time to fulfill your promise.

           Follow these rules to write what readers can easily understand.

  • Use of Subheadings

Why? Because readers want to know which points you covered and it is valuable or not. Subheading makes readers realize your content is up to the mark or not. When they wish to leave, they are driven back into your blog.

  • Short Paragraphs

Write paragraphs of not more than three to four lines.

4. An encouraging ending

We are almost done! Now it’s time to put an end to your post. Show readers, you have a firm belief in them. If they can think, they can also accomplish their goal.

Motivate readers

Tell them that they have reached this point in their life because they are talented. They need to follow your advice. Encourage them so they can take action. Just reading your post is not enough.

Blogging is a battle which you need to win at any cost. You instantly need to take these four steps to kick start your blog now.

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