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Methods to make unlimited Gmail accounts with Password


Most people have either one or two email addresses. It doesn’t matter that platform you select to use to send emails, you need a phone number. A certain phone number can be used to create up to 5 email accounts. Did you know that you can have up to 5 email accounts with the same phone number as your phone? So, let’s take a closer look at How to make an unlimited Gmail account fast and free.

The entry of the phone number can be a rather annoying thing to do when creating an email account. It is only possible to create one account per phone number. If you have more than 5 accounts, then you will not be able to make any additional accounts. Gmail accounts can be created without the use of an email generator. It is not necessary to provide a number or OTP number, or even confirmation. The process is easy and only requires your Android phone. Here’s how you can create an untrue Gmail account using your smartphone.

Step 1: Open Gmail App

Start by opening the Gmail application on your mobile. The account can be set up using your mobile data to ensure that you aren’t blocked.

Step 2: Click the Menu

Start Gmail and then locate the menu button that has the three stripes symbol. Click on the Menu and then in the list of options you will see the ‘Add account section.

Step 3: Choose Google

After clicking on “Add account” You’ll be presented with three options: Google, personal, and exchange for setting email configuration. Google is the most suitable option for Gmail.

Step 4: Verify the information

The page will redirect to the Checking Info Page and you’ll see the Create A Google Account page. So, provide information as required and fill in your name first, then the last name, and go on to the next step.

Step 5: Skip the phone number

Next, Google will ask you to add an address, however, you do not need to supply the number required. Instead, simply select the skip button. This will result in a fake Gmail password that has no OTP or confirmation phone number.

It is important to note that this trick only works on Android smartphones and not on PCs or laptops. You can make use of the fake Gmail account just like normal once you have established it.

Fake Gmail Accounts: Benefits

You might be thinking about the advantages of this process. You won’t receive those annoying spam messages such as newsletters or a free sample no more. Instead, they’ll go directly to junk within your emails. The fake Gmail account allows you to keep your privacy. While you might not be aware of it, email addresses that are linked to actual data could be sold.

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