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Feature of JF 17 that are found world most expensive aircraft


In a global market where every country wants to improve its business, its priority should be better and lower cost of defense equipment, features of easy maintenance.

Easy maintenance should be done after maximum use, then it should be less costly to look after.

The problems in the Cold War with Russian and Chinese aircraft were that they urgently needed overhauling. This did not happen in the case of Yakin JF17. After more than a decade of use, the first aircraft was overhauled in May 2019 and rejoined the Pakistan Air Force. It may be recalled that the first JF-17 joined the Pakistan Air Force in 2007.

The first plane was overhauled in China, but Pakistani workers there also learned a lot in the overhaul process. And then the same JF-17 rejoined the Pakistan Air Force in a completely satisfactory manner in 2019 Kamra.

On February 27, 2019, JF-17 was used for the first time as an attack weapon against India. The guided bomb attack portrayed the JF-17 as a successful fighter bomber. Now Pakistan and China are trying to sell the aircraft in the global market in their own place. After Myanmar and Nigeria, a large market came in the JF-17 segment, Malaysia, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Argentina are looking at JF-17 as potential buyers.

Currently in the world Russian MiG-21-, Chinese F7- (Chinese copy of Russian MiG, different versions of which are also in use in Pakistan),The Mirage 3 and 5, the American F5, are the only aircraft in use in the various air forces to date, numbering in the thousands. They came to the fore during the Cold War.

Their upgrades have been talked about for the last twenty years, but now their airframes are old or completely obsolete. And now many countries are looking at different planes of the world for their immediate change and better change. It’s not just about air warfare or air defense, it’s about global economic affairs, diplomatic and trade relations, new blocs are emerging – obviously, defense is what everyone needs.

The JF-17 can compete with many high-tech aircraft in different ways in different ways. The Mana F-16 is a great aircraft and still, given its capabilities, it can be said that it will continue to be upgraded and resold for the next twenty years. But the JF-17 can use all the weapons that can be fitted in an expensive aircraft.

Now let’s talk about the Sukhoi SU-Thirty, it’s an unparalleled aircraft. But on the one hand, the aircraft was exposed in the February 27 defense operation of the Indian Air Force. The Indians did injustice to him and damaged his international reputation.

The aircraft still holds the top spot in India’s strike package – it could be seen in a submarine with a BrahMos cruise missile. But it is lighter than the JF-17’s two cruise missiles (Pakistan’s cruise missiles that hit the ground or sea from the air). Well, India is very proud of its aircraft carriers, but the JF-17 can also carry two anti-aircraft carrier weapons.

BVR (Beyond Visual Range) is a major role model for BVR missiles today. Pakistan shot down the Indian Sukhoi Su30 with a similar missile. Normally two BVRs can be fitted in a light combat aircraft, but the JF-17B can be four in three. Then after all these cases, the price is significantly lower than any light and medium aircraft, that is, the price is low and the work is excellent.

Let’s be funny. I have heard in a serious talk that Indians have also come out to sell LCA, ie their light combat aircraft. Friends, Israeli missiles, LCAs with American engines, which seem to be a good target. If the Indian Air Force is accepting it under duress, then selling it to another Air Force is a big deal.If it is sold, it will be more surprising, if not sold, then go to Indian Air Force and LCA.

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