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ETH Crosses $2,000 First Time in Eight Months, BTC Rally Leads Most Altcoins Towards Gains


It has been a remarkable three months for cryptocurrency, with investors keeping a close eye on the markets as significant gains continue to push many of the leading altcoins higher. Yesterday was yet another remarkable day for the industry, with Ethereum (ETH) crossing the $2,000 mark for the first time in eight months, leading most altcoins higher as Bitcoin continues its rally and tech giants announce their own cryptocurrency projects. This article looks at the implications of this milestone, and what it could mean for the future of the cryptocurrency markets.

1. Ethereum Surpasses $2,000 Mark For First Time Since August 2020

Ethereum (ETH) has peaked its all-time high (ATH) price level of $2,050, on March 13 2021. It surpassed its previous August 2020 ATH of around $1,400.

The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capital has scintillated the crypto space by this considerable achievement. The crypto assets market capitalization stands at an impressive $232.32 billion, at the time of writing.

Higher levels of institutional buyers, DeFi focus, as well as advantageous liquidity factors, have contributed to this tremendous increase in value.

Experts also attributed the rally to a surge in the following factors:

  • Increased push for Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) projects
  • A hike in institutional funds
  • The growing popularity of Ethereum-backed NFTs
  • Stimulus packages from governments and central banks

Another significant factor that contributed to the rise in ETH prices is the surge in the Ethereum network usage. Transactions and gas fees have increased significantly in 2021.

The ETH prices have seen a downfall in the past few days after reaching the all-time high. The market is expected to further climb in the near future, making Ethereum one of the most profitable crypto-assets.

2. Bitcoin Rally Fuels Gains Across Altcoin Markets

The positive trend in Bitcoin can be seen in Altcoins, too. Alternative cryptocurrencies are often heavily correlated with Bitcoin and have been performing strongly over the past few weeks. Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin have all seen large gains in their market capitalisations.

The rising demand and BTC prices have led to increases in wealth held in the crypto market, and the proof-of-stake tokens used to power blockchains have been the first to show signs of recovery. This can be seen through a significant increase in the share of the total crypto market held by Altcoins – which rose from 33% in February to 40% in March. The increase in Capital is also likely to create additional liquidity as traders prefer to stick with Altcoins rather than Bitcoin during major market fluctuations.

  • Ethereum has increased by 55% since the start of April.
  • Ripple had a strong month, with the XRP token rising by 26%.
  • Litecoin has also seen steady growth and rose by 44% in March.

3. Analyzing Factors Behind ETH’s Return to Record High

Ethereum (ETH) has surged to new heights this week, breaking above $2,000 for the first time ever. This milestone represents an extraordinary increase in value over the last 12 months, and signals the continued strength of the DeFi boom. But what exactly is behind this movement?

There are a few major factors propelling the increase in the price of ETH. Here are the main ones:

  • Increased demand for DeFi services: The emergence of cryptocurrency-based decentralized finance (DeFi) has driven a sharp increase in demand for ETH, as it is the “gas” powering many of these services.
  • Rise of Ether derivatives: Derivatives such as futures, options, and other products have led to an increased demand for Ethereum which has driven its price even higher.
  • Increased institutional interest: Over the past few months, a growing number of institutional investors have begun to pour money into the Ethereum blockchain, creating even more demand for ETH.
  • Support by platforms and payment services: Leading platforms such as PayPal and Venmo, as well as major banks, have starting offering support for ETH, providing more legitimacy and access to the digital currency.

These factors all contribute to making ETH a valuable asset that is likely to continue to rise in value over the coming months. With its rising value, Ethereum offers an attractive and accessible way to access the DeFi world and get involved in the next big wave of cryptocurrency revolution.

4. What Investors Should Expect in Coming Weeks

It is no secret that the markets and investors have faced some tremendous turbulence this past year. Despite the many challenges, there has been a bullish outlook for the markets in the coming weeks, and many investors are taking advantage of the volatility. Here are some of the key factors investors should be on the lookout for:

  • Increased volatility in the markets due to increased foreign exchange and commodity speculation
  • Recovery from the recent downturn in consumer spending
  • Rising corporate earnings and balance sheets
  • Improved consumer sentiment

Investors should also be aware of the potential risks involved in a volatile market. Some of the key risks include:

  • A sudden drop in commodity prices, corporate earnings, and consumer sentiment
  • Market uncertainty due to external political and economic events
  • Sudden changes in macroeconomic conditions
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or recessions

ETH has now crossed the $2,000 mark for the first time in eight months, a milestone that is sure to be celebrated by those in the cryptocurrency space. The BTC rally has led most altcoins to move in a positive direction as well, reaffirming the upward trend of the market and its strength eight months after the initial dip back in January. With more positive news being announced for the remainder of 2021, this is an exciting time for all supporters of cryptocurrency, as the industry continues to grow and reach new heights.

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