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Apple’s 15-Year Journey in India: From the iPhone 3S to the First Store in Mumbai


As one of the most recognizable tech companies in the world, Apple has achieved amazing success in India. Since the launch of the iPhone 3S 15 years ago, the company has taken an incredible journey in the dynamic country. From the iPhone to opening their first store in Mumbai in 2021, Apple has played an important role in the Indian economy. This article takes a look at Apple’s 15-year journey in India, and how it has transformed the tech landscape.

I. Apple’s 15-Year Presence in India

Dominate Smartphone Market
Apple has been present in India for nearly 15 years. Over this period, the company has established domination in the Indian smartphone market, with a present market share of over 40%. It has become known as an aspirational brand, targeting young and affluent customers. Furthermore, Apple is expanding its presence in Indian cities, exhibiting a significant growth in sales.

Rapid Expansion
Apple’s commitment to India is evident, with continual plans for expansion. The company has opened a development centre in Hyderabad and multiplex stores in most major cities. Additionally, Apple recently announced that it will be opening a design and development accelerator in Bengaluru, offering mentorship and guidance to Indian developers. Furthermore, Apple plans to open an App Accelerator in India, which will provide specialized support for developers and entrepreneurs.

  • Rapid Expansion
  • Dominate Smartphone Market
  • Design and Development Center
  • App Accelerator

II. From the iPhone 3S to the First Apple Store in India

The iPhone 3S, the flagship model of the Apple Mobile Phone Range, was released in 2008. This model changed the smartphone device landscape and allowed Apple to become the world’s leading mobile device manufacturer. From then on, Apple has introduced several version of the iPhone with improved hardware and software. In 2017, Apple opened the first Apple Store in India, giving access to exclusive features, services and products.

Key upgrades from iPhone 3S to first Apple Store in India:

  • A full range of iPhone models, including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, were launched.
  • The introduction of Apple Music and Apple TV.
  • The introduction of the iPhone X, featuring advanced technologies such as Face ID and Animoji.
  • Improved processors and security features.
  • Support for AppleCare and the Apple Education Initiative.

At the Apple Store in India, customers can take advantage of a premium service experience, offering support, advice and the latest products. With each new innovation, Apple continues to stay ahead of their competitors.

III. Apple’s Impact on the Indian Market

With the arrival of Apple in India, the Indian market saw a surge of innovation and competitive technology. Specifically, the presence of Apple has enabled the Indian market to benefit from the following benefits:

  • The availability of latest and upgraded versions of Apple products.
  • Apple is well-known for its security features and integrity, thus giving it an advantage over competitors in the Indian market.
  • Access to advanced software applications which have further enhanced the overall experience.
  • The high-quality of Apple products and their impressive designs have attracted large number of customers into the market.

This influx of Apple products has not only improved the technology scene in India but has also had multiple impacts on the Indian economy. Firstly, the sales of Apple products are said to have increased employment and business opportunities in India. Furthermore, the presence of Apple products has improved the competitiveness in the Indian market, leading to the emergence of other brands in the market. As a result, Indian customers now have more options to choose from and are caapble of getting quality products at an affordable price. In addition, due to the presence of Apple, Indian consumers now have access to the latest technology and services.

IV. The Path Ahead for Apple India

Recently, Apple India has seen record results in the Indian market. Apple’s revenues for the current fiscal year have been its highest ever, growing 22 percent year-over-year. This makes the Indian market one of Apple’s most promising regions, and one of its key focuses for the future.

Apple India has big plans for the future. The company plans to:

  • Expand its product portfolio: Apple plans to launch new products and updates to existing products like the iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods in India.
  • Increase its retail presence : Apple has plans to open more Apple stores and authorized resellers across India.
  • Launch more services: Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and other Apple services are currently available in India and there are plans to launch more.
  • Focus on customer service: Apple has introduced a range of new customer engagement tools, such as an Apple Care app and Apple Support programs, to improve customer service in India.

Apple India is looking to increase its share of the Indian market, and these efforts show that the company is committed to doing so. With its focus on new product launches, retail expansion, and improved customer service, Apple India is poised to make further gains in the Indian market.

Apple’s journey in India has truly been a long one, full of successes and sorrows. As India is one of Apple’s key markets globally, we can only look forward to the innovative products, features and stores that Apple will introduce in the future, as it continues its vibrant journey in this vast and ever-growing market.

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