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Apple Stores to Finally Open in India: What Makes Them So Special?


After years of waiting, Apple Stores are finally coming to India. These stores, with their unique atmosphere and unbeatable customer service, have attracted an immense following of loyal customers all over the world. Now, Apple fans in India get to join the ranks of satisfied customers and experience the unparalleled advantages of shopping at an Apple Store. This article will discuss the features that make Apple Stores so special and why they’re so highly anticipated in India.

1. India’s First Apple Store: What to Expect

The wait is finally over, as India is all set to get its first Apple Store in 2021. Located at the historic area of ​​Mumbai’s popular High Street Phoenix mall, this store is an exciting gift for the Apple enthusiasts of India. It is said to be the biggest Apple store outside the US in terms of area, taking up a huge space of around 25,000 sq. ft!

Here’s what you can expect from Apple’s first store in India:

  • Inclusive Experience – A massive ‘The Avenue’ to explore and offer an inclusive experience to its customers
  • Tech Sessions – Regular ‘tech sessions’ to help customers maximize their Apple products and show the latest features of various Apple services and offerings.
  • Genius Bar – An interactive Genius Bar to provide personalized tech support to the customers.
  • Surround Sound – An amazing surround sound experience set to add to the ambiance of the store.

The first Apple Store in India is sure to bring revolution in the country’s digital market. With its host of other exclusives, it is bound to be a unqiue shopping experience for the Apple users of India.

2. Why Apple Stores are Different

What’s Unique About Apple Stores

Apple Stores offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. From the moment customers enter an Apple Store, they are greeted with features that set it apart from the pack:

  • A design-focused aesthetic — The materials, furnishings, and color palette all lend the stores an understatedly stylish appearance.
  • Engaging employees — Associates are friendly and knowledgeable, with a true passion for tech.
  • Refreshing products — From software to hardware, Apple Stores feature the latest products to get hands-on.
  • Hands-on support — Tech issues can be tackled on-site, with access to even more support via the Genius Bar.

Customers can take advantage of a mix of product information, entertainment, and exclusive services like the Today at Apple sessions featuring product demos and creative lessons. Apple Stores offer more than just merchandise; its stores are designed to create a memory and an exciting shopping experience.

3. How Apple Stores are Changing Shopping Experiences

The Apple Store is changing the landscape of the retail shopping experience. With its innovative approach to design, customer service and product selection, Apple has set a new standard in the way we shop.

Apple Stores are creating a more interactive and engaging shopping experience. Using a combination of sophisticated technology and product-specific knowledge, Apple Stores not only display products but give a personalized product demonstration to shoppers. Additionally, Apple Stores have implemented modern conveniences such as:

  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Online Ordering
  • Interactive Video Wall
  • Apple Genius Bar for technical assistance
  • Robotics for order fulfillment and product customization

These new features have allowed Apple Stores to offer an unparalleled shopping experience that can’t be found anywhere else. With an appealing design, knowledgeable staff, and convenient technology, Apple Stores are an effective way for customers to discover and learn about the latest products on the market.

4. How to Access India’s First Apple Store

Location and Timings

  • The Apple Store is located in a mall called “The Phoenix Marketcity Mall” in Bangalore.
  • It is open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

How to Get There

  • Take an auto-rickshaw directly from any part of Bangalore.
  • You can also choose to take the metro train from any part of the city and get off at “Kurla”. From there you can take the shuttle to the Mall.
  • You can book a cab from any cab aggregator like Ola or Uber or take a bus or car drive to the Mall.

In conclusion, Apple Stores exclusive to India represent an incredible milestone for Apple Retail and a great opportunity for Indian customers to experience the best Apple has to offer. Not only will it provide easier access to Apple products and services, but Apple also plans to invest in the Indian economy. While there is still much to be revealed about the Indian Apple Store experience, it is certain that Apple Stores will stand out from the crowd in India and offer its customers a unique, exciting, and of course a cutting-edge experience.

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