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Apple new camera assembly strategy in Future


Before launching iphone 13 in this year, apple big change in iphone camera. Apple new camera assembly strategy saves future iPhone camera costs. The quality and size of the sensor will possibly increment, however so will the whole module. These are reportedly change up the way it produce the camera modules in iphone. Apple is changing the production of camera sensors to its biggest supplier, Foxconn.

Apple new camera assembly save costs in future:

iphone now prefers custom-made camera lenses instead of putting them together and pre-assembling them. Elek share report Apple contract production of its camera sensors to its supplier, LG InnoTek, Sharp, and O’Film. Now its apple plan to change supplier and considering changing the production of camera sensors to its biggest supplier, Foxconn. The explanation for this is to save costs and eventually boost benefit.

  • Until last year, Apple had purchase dual and triple camera modules from its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp and O’Film, which were already assemble.
  • But now they are buying these camera modules separately and have commissioned the Foxconn assembly. This is being to save money.

Foxconn is already start working to set the new camera assembly facality. Apple supplier received the inspection equipment from a firm in South Korea, Hyvision System. Apple company say that all sensors are perfectly align on upcoming iphone model. Sensor is a major role in iphone if sensor can’t align properly, the image quality will be poor.

In future change will allow apple new camera assembly to save cost. However, it is not clear if Apple save cost in future will offer the iPhone to customers at a lower price. It is unclear that the new system will work for the future coming iPhone 13. The new iPhone 13 is already in production, but the system will be available after the next model.

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