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Apple Craze, Tim Cook Draw Long Queues at Opening of First India Store in Mumbai


The much-awaited Apple Store launch in India has finally happened, and the response it is getting is unprecedented. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., led the unveiling of the first store in Mumbai and was met with a massive crowd and exceptionally long queues at the opening ceremony. The Apple craze and anticipation amongst Indian buyers is palpable and this opening signals the start of a new era for Apple in the country.

1. Mumbai Welcomes the Opening of India’s First Apple Store

The opening of India’s first Apple Store in Mumbai has been met with much excitement and fanfare among the city’s Apple fans and tech enthusiasts. The state-of-the-art store features an innovative design, blending local and global elements to create a unique experience. Here is what visitors can expect from their visit to this exclusive store:

  • A dedicated Genius Bar reserved exclusively for resolving technical queries, as well as personalized solutions to learning how to use Apple products
  • Technical experts to answer product questions and provide support
  • A section dedicated to the latest and greatest devices, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook and more
  • A range of accessories such as headphones, charging docks and cases

In addition, the store will host free educational sessions and workshops, allowing people to learn more about Apple products and deepen their knowledge of them. From photography skills to coding and iCloud storage, visitors can get hands-on experience with each session facilitated by experts.

2. Tim Cook Visits India to Open Apple Store

  • Virtual Launch of Apple’s First Store – On December 9th, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India for the first time. He virtually opened Apple’s first store in India, located in the Vanita suburb of Mumbai. The store brings the ambition of Apple to connect with people and empower them to change the world in their own way.
  • New Offers and Facilities – The store will offer Apple’s complete lineup of products and accessories, and provide personalized services like repair, technical support and more. It will also offer online services and workshops to join the Apple ecosystem. Millenia Citywalk mall, the physical home of the store, provides customers with a wide range of facilities such as movie theatres, restaurants and cafes.

3. Apple Craze Sweeps India with Historic Opening of Apple Store

Apple fans in India celebrated the November launch of the iconic tech giant’s newest project, the first official store in India, located at the luxury mall in Delhi.

  • The store opened its doors to the public on Saturday.
  • It is the 34th official Apple store in the world.

The store is the only one in India and also the only Apple store in South Asia. It sits on two levels, offering customers a plethora of experiences which range from personalised service with experts for businesses and 3D printing to a Grand Atrium where visitors can learn how to use the products in practical and creative ways.

  • All of Apple’s products, including the latest models, are available in the store.
  • It includes a special Apple Enrolment Centre and an Apple Support Centre.

4. Anticipation Builds as Mumbai Welcomes its First Apple Store

The official opening of Mumbai’s first Apple Store is already capturing the imagination of consumers across India. Thousands of Apple fans have gathered outside the store and excitement is growing rapidly.

What can consumers expect when the store opens? Some of the most exciting features include:

  • A dedicated area to experience the full range of Apple products, such as the iPad Pro, MacBook Air and iPhone 11 Pro
  • Expert advice and support from Apple Creatives and Geniuses
  • Access to a variety of accessories, such as cases, cables, chargers and more
  • Free workshops and events for all ages

The launch of Mumbai’s first Apple Store is sure to be a big event that will bring together Apple fans from all over the country. The anticipation has been building for weeks, and now the day is finally here. The opening of Apple’s first store in India signals an important milestone for the company. With the growing Indian population, it stands to be one of the most important markets for Apple in the coming years. With the success of their first store, it can be expected that Apple will be looking to expand their presence in India in the years to come.

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