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Android 12 let you control your phone using facial expression


In Android 12 new Feature to let you control your phone by using Facial Expressions. These features are design for a wide variety of people, whether you are talking about disability or something else. Best of all, these Features are easy to access. Google aims to make the operating system more accessible in android 12.

Android 12 Facial Expression Feature has been seen by XDA developers. The Android 12 beta version feature is accessible which can be found in the Android 12 beta 4 version. Android 12 Beta 4 has a new “switch camera” feature that will allow the front camera to see if you are looking at the screen and recognizing facial gestures.

Android 12 Facial Expression Feature:

Different Facial Expressions can help you control your Android device. For example, raise your eyebrows to return to your home screen, or open your mouth to display the notification panel. Look Right, Look Up, Look Left, Open Mouth, and Raise eyebrows. These all face gesture Feature is use to control your android device.

By using facial gestures you can apply all these Features, Pause Camera Switch, Toggle auto-scan, Reverse auto-scan, Select, Next, Previous, Touch & hold, Scroll forward, Scroll backward, Home, Back, Notifications, Overview, and Quick Settings. This is the list of Camera Switch actions. When the camera gesture feature is enable, a permanent notification icon appears to indicate that your camera is in active use.

The facial gesture Feature only appears in Android 12, but this feature is coming soon. XDA developers say you can use Facial expressions on Android 11 by downloading the Android Accessibility Suite app. I know you want to try the same feature, but you wait for the Android 12 release and then try this amazing feature. This feature is amazing for everyone because everyone wants to use this new feature first.

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